Sword Art Online-Hollow Realization-DELUXE EDITION

The “SAO” game series is finally on Nintendo Switch! Sword Art Online-Hollow Realization-DELUXE EDITION containing April “Sword Art Online-Hollow-Realization-” game, DLC “Saika no Otome”, large update “Sora Sky Fighter” Released on 25th! With Joy-Con’s gyro sensors, you can activate normal attack and sword skills! Shake Joy-Con and you will be starburst stream together! === The reconstructed virtual world-this world did not seek “people”-2026 AD. New VRMMORPG «SA: O». Suddenly announced completely new VRMMORPG “Sword Art: Origin”.

Kirito, who participated in the closed beta test, meets a mysterious girl there. NPC girl with no name or setting. The girl was a strange quest NPC with only one reward. The girl named “Premier” deepens exchanges with Kiritos through adventure. “People” and “AI”. Different existences of reason can not co-exist. When the true role of a girl becomes clear. The “people” compete for it. Will the encounter between the NPC girl and the Black Swordsman destroy or save the world? And, the stage of the new death game opens the curtain-=== The story about Ein clad creation that starts from the encounter with the girl of the NPC (non-player character) ‘Premier’ is a vast ‘Sword Art Online’ Drawn in the world of